What Is a Legalshield Associate

You sold the product, now you sell the process. Set up a team among you by adding new employees. For every subscription they sell, you earn a bonus. The more employees you enroll, the more you improve your management and leadership skills. The philosophy behind the sale of LegalShield is not new. You take out what you put in it. If you agree to sell only a few plans per month, this is fine with us. However, those who are really determined to reach the top of the sales team are usually the same people who find themselves there. Get points for your progress. Our Performance Club helps you track the number of members and employees you have registered. Best of all, if you earn more points, you`ll get recognition, cash bonuses, and other prizes. It`s up to you.

You can work as a solo employee or recruit team members. Here`s a breakdown of your compensation and incentives: You`re a serious and determined salesperson. The best way to increase your commission is to recruit new employees to work under your command. Build your downstream line and watch your profits increase. Your actual numbers will vary depending on the progress of your downstream staff, but there is no option but to increase. Employees usually start by making sales themselves, and you`re welcome to stay a solo employee if that`s the best way to work. A lasting relationship is beneficial. Once a subscription that you or your employees sell lasts one year, you will receive a commission for each month it remains active. Don`t just make the sale and keep going. By building a lasting relationship, you build a larger commission. Meanwhile, you`re doing just fine. Sales figures are high and your team is following suit.

But don`t forget to stay involved and make your members and employees happy. What for? You earn residual income for each month your members stay with the plan after the first year. Once you get the hang of it, build a downshoot of employees that can help you get more commissions. Sell LegalShield as a solo employee or lead your own team. The flexibility of our distribution model means that no matter how you choose to sell, you define your business opportunity. For truly competitive employees, our points system is the perfect way to reach the top. Employees receive one point for each new member they register and two points for each new employee. Earn points to win prizes, travel and more. Whether you`re looking to take a new path or make a little more money on the side, LegalShield makes it easy for you to start selling, build a team, and earn residual income.

And most importantly, you`ll help more people get affordable and accessible legal coverage. LegalShield Associates can earn money in four ways: LegalShield members can sign up to become LegalShield Associates, sell LegalShield plans, and be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses on those sales. Approximately 1.4% of all active members are also partners who made at least one sale in 2019. The current cost to become a partner is $99, plus applicable state royalties. The Partner`s registration fee will only be refunded if the Partner terminates its contract within 5 days of the effective date. The numbers don`t include people who may have received money from renewals or revenue from team sales, but didn`t make a sale in 2019. For more information about this disclosure, including cancellation assistance, call 1-844-901-3296. The best time to start selling was yesterday. The next best time is now.

The logic is simple: the more you sell, the higher your level. The higher your level, the higher the commissions. All payments come in the form of an early commission, making it easy to track your sales and stay focused and motivated. Building a successful LegalShield business takes a lot of work and time. This is not a path to rapid wealth. Most employees sell LegalShield plans as a way to earn part-time income. For employees with 0-2 years of experience who made at least one sale, the average annual salary for 2019 was $798. About 73% of all employees over the years earned less than $1,000 in 2019.

The sale starts with you. From there, it`s not much different from most sales programs – it`s just a matter of numbers. You make a percentage on every subscription you sell. Sell more memberships, get into our compensation plan and earn a higher percentage. In other words, the more you sell, the higher your commission. Just as LegalShield is simple and so is the sales process for everyone. A quick sign-up process, a convenient sales model and the flexibility to work on your free time and in your own way make selling LegalShield perfect for anyone trying to make extra money. Employees can earn more over time if they successfully create a network of employees within their team who also sell plans and/or if they successfully sell LegalShield plans as a group solution (i.e., to a network of employees).

In some cases, a special license may be required to conduct group sales or sales in certain states. The following table shows the revenue in the form of commissions and bonuses for employees who have made at least one sale to an individual or group, classified according to the length of time they built their LegalShield business. They receive additional income for each membership that lasts more than a year. Find the independence and financial opportunities you were looking for as a LegalShield partner. Succeed on your own terms with LegalShield. .